Balloch Primary School – the Way Forward

  • We want every child to have the opportunity to achieve and experience success on a regular basis.

  • Learning will be built on firm foundations with opportunities for creativity, personalisation and relevance as well as core skills and knowledge.

  • Literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing are developed across a variety of curricular areas, embedding skills for life, learning and work.

  • Pupils are supported in taking ownership of their learning through staff sharing learning intentions and success criteria as well as discussion of next steps personal to pupils.

  • Pupils have opportunities to lead learning through discussion and questions of what and how they want to learn.

  • There will be a balance of activities in classes – individual, collaborative and cooperative.

  • All partners of the school are encouraged to have a voice

  • Pupils will be supported in recognising that with rights come responsibilities.

  • The school will endeavour to provide an environment which is conducive to learning whether it is the physical environment of the school, school grounds or wider community.

  • ICT will be used to enhance learning in the 21st century.



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